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Adult Formation

Nativity Cathedral

Issues we argue about at the dinner table: A guide to becoming everyday prophets

Presented by the Rev. John Colatch.

This six week session will explore our finding a prophetic voice in the midst of the issues that matter most to our families and in our society.

About our leader: Rev. Dr. John Patrick Colatch spent more than thirty years as a college and university chaplain, including stints at Lafayette College and Bucknell University. He was ordained in the United Methodist Church, but these days prefers the company of Episcopalians. He also has extensive background in bereavement care and education, and, in retirement, has become a certified Master Gardener with the Penn State Extension. He is married to Connie and they have two grown children and three grandchildren, living in the U.S and the UK.

1. Rediscovering the prophetic tradition
2. Charles Finney, the Grimke Sisters and other wild and crazy evangelicals
3. The myth of redemptive violence
4. Who yo gonna love: The Bible, hospitality and homosexuality
5. Matters of life and death: Beginning and end of life decisions
6. We're prophetic as heck: Issues we need to get excited about locally

Sunday, April 11 - May 16 at 9:15 a.m.
Zoom Meeting ID : 849 1873 5378
Password : prophets

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World Mission: Cathedral Connections throughout the World

Lenten Adult Forum (Sundays in Lent)

As a follow up to our Epiphany study on World mission, join us for a Lenten journey exploring the on the ground mission connections the Cathedral community has been blessed to experience. Leaders of mission partners many of us have met and worked side by side with will zoom in to give us updates on their mission and talk about who and how their ministry influences and transforms.

Guests will include:

Sundays in Lent: Feb 21 - March 28

**To give proper time to our palm Sunday liturgies we are ending our excellent forum series on Global Mission connections. There will be no Forum offering this Sunday, March 28 (Palm Sunday).
Join us when we begin again our forum time on Sunday April 11 at 9:15 a.m. for a six week series with The Rev. John Colatch entitled "Issues we argue about at the dinner table: A guide to becoming everyday prophets."

Cathedral Connections

A great way to re-connect this Summer and beyond. Join in small groups with other like minded Cathedral folk for a time of connecting and enjoyment. Groups of 8-10 will meet virtually (and at some point may choose to meet in person). Choose the group(s) you wish to participate in by the interest you have!

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History of Nativity 101
4th Wednesday of the month 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Explore the history of our church, with Chip Montgomery. This will be a fully interactive dialogue, so bring your knowledge and questions to share.

Wine Connections
2nd Tuesday of the month 6pm to 7pm
Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and join host Don Appleton for a chance for virtual (Zoom) conversation about wine and other topics of general interest to the group such as family, Nativity, travel, interesting books, etc.

What's Cooking?
3rd Tuesday of the month 7pm to 8pm
Join Olivia and Joe Tremontana to talk about cooking, recipes, and anything else in the kitchen.

Exploring the world by foot
1st Monday of the month 7pm to 8pm
Join Meg Seltzer to talk about all things walking, running, hiking and exploring the world.

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Nativity Cathedral
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