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Celtic Spirituality Experiences

Celtic Spirituality Night : In-Person Only

The Feast

Last Saturday of the month, 5:00 p.m.

The last Saturday of each month, time and space is set aside in the Cathedral for Celtic Spirituality night. This is an experience that invites any and all to leave the busyness and clutter of their lives and enter into a beautiful candlelit space to find peace, hope, and healing in the Celtic way.

Upon entering, one is invited to find any space in the Cathedral where they are comfortable to sit and to be. The experience is supported by live Celtic musicians who play reflective and meditative music designed to calm and invite the soul. There is always a short spoken meditation on various themes including hope, wholeness, healing, Love, worry, strength, relationships, peace. An extended period of time is invited for one’s personal reflection. During this time a person might visit “stations” prepared to invite reflection and prayer. One of these stations always is a healing station, where ministers of healing are available to lay hands, anoint with oil, and ask for healing and hope. During this time of reflection, soft meditative music is played for reflection.

The experience always ends with a blessing. A prayer that what one has found holy that night, may be carried out in their hearts into the world. The experience typically lasts around 40 minutes, though when lost in the wonder of the Celtic way, time seems suspended.

A diverse group participates in this experience. Some long time members of the Cathedral community, some who drive distances from other parts, some “church” folk from other places, and some not affiliated with organized church at all. All souls are welcome.

The Feast : In-Person Only (Holy Communion in the Celtic Way)

Second Saturday of the month, 5:00 p.m.

The Feast

The "Feast" is a Eucharistic celebration immersed in a Celtic tradition. The experience and discovery of Christ in the Celtic regions of the world were informed by deep devotion, risk-taking missionaries, a recognition of the holy in every pattern of creation and in every breath of life, and an embrace of the holy in the rhythms of creation and life.

Thanks must be given to St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia where a weekly celebration of Eucharist in the Celtic tradition takes place and has served partly as inspiration for this time.

Thanks also must be given to Christ Church Cathedral in Houston, Texas, and to The Very Rev. Barkley Thompson, their Dean, who has shared with us the form of prayers creatively woven from ancient celtic sources. This time is supported by instrumentalist who play reflective celtic inspired music. This is an intimate encounter with the holy immersed in the Celtic way.

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