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January 2015

My love my pride my treasure oh
My wonder new and pleasure oh
My son, my beauty ever you
Who am I to bear you here?
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia

This hymn was written by Father Ranald Rankin in about 1855 and is sung at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve on Barra, South Uist and Eriskay, small fishing villages located on the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It was written in Scottish Gaelic and originally had 29 verses. I learned of this hymn just this past week as it was introduced by the Moravian Celtic ensemble that played here in our Cathedral last week. It’s a beautiful and simple romantic melody that speaks intimately of God incarnate. The simple refrain of Alleluia sung beautifully to each stanza.

My love, my pride, my treasure oh; my wonder new and pleasure oh.

Love, pride, treasure, wonder, and pleasure. How beautifully posed is this opportunity being born for those faithful hearts expectant. This Christmas tide past, I find myself with a gift and I hope you see and receive it too. The noise of the brokenness and sin in the world we live in is very loud right now. We are reminded daily of man’s inhumanity to man, our unfortunate propensity to struggle for power, to dehumanize and therefore seek to justify ungodly behaviors toward our enemies. The poor among us grow in numbers and from where I sit, we tend to blame them not only for their unfortunate circumstances but we also therefore seek to punish them for their circumstances by justifying our own greed in our unwillingness to share resources we don’t believe they should have. After all, “why should they have what “WE have worked so hard to gain”. It seems daily (yes daily) we hear of another broken human being with mental illness possessing a gun and destroying others. The Noise of the world is loud and the temptation is to be overcome by it.

Is it possible to receive a gift in the form of a Lullaby whispering another way? Is it possible that people of Faith especially now might be called to receive a gift of courage? To be courageous enough to let the message of the angels and the song of innocence wash through our souls so that ungodly things might be made new? It begins with you. Don’t think for a minute it doesn’t. Can you turn down the noise and listen to the lullaby of the incarnate God who steps into this mess by intention! Ponder this God and prayerfully sing the lullaby? And let the gift change YOU

How is this God your love? How is your pride shown in knowing this God? How does your treasure reflect this treasure? How do you take pleasure in the one who takes pleasure in you?

This is how it changes you know. It changes as you are changed. This IS the gift.




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