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March 2015

The Gift of an ArkConsider seriously and prayerfully what you are able to contribute towards our GIFT Collection this month. Since we have begun the GIFT Collections we have been able to do so much, through your generosity: we collected 5 boxes of supplies for Donegan in September, 3 boxes of pet supplies for Peaceable Kingdom in October, supplies for over 100 gift bags for our Homeless Guests in December, a car full of baby it ems for New Bethany Ministries in January, and nearly $400.00 for the Souper Bowl of Caring in February.

This month for our GIFT Collection- we will be collecting to fill an Ark for Heifer International. This is a HUGE goal. An ark for Heifer includes the following: two water buffalos, twos cows, two sheep, two goats, bees, chicks, rabbits and more. Donating an ark will help to care for entire communities with milk, eggs, honey and wool, supply goods to sell which gives the community income, allow for sustainable farming practices with livestock to work the land, and improve the lives of families for generations through the reproduction of livestock. This is a HUGE goal, with an equally HUGE impact. The cost of an Ark is $5,000.

Yes that’s right $5,000. I know most of us don’t have that kind of money lying around. But I invite you to consider during the month of March, during this Lenten season, to give up some luxury item and give that money towards our Ark.

There are a few ways that you can contribute to the Ark with out it being an undue burden. For instance you can follow my lead: I will endeavor to give up my Dunkin Donuts coffee. The way I figure it I spend about $15.00 a week at Dunkin or Wawa. If I give my $60.00 for March to the Ark instead and drink the coffee at home or at the office, I will pay for a rabbit in our Ark. Alternatively you can “keep the change” any time you get change from breaking a bill, put the change aside and give it towards the Ark. You’d be surprised how quickly those quarters, nickels and dimes will add up. For those of you who use your debit card for everything, consider making an electronic donation through our Cathedral Church of the Nativity Website. Set up a profile and follow the instructions to donate towards the GIFT Collection.

Realistically speaking this might seem like a HUGE goal, but it shouldn’t be life altering for any of us at the Cathedral. Almost all of us are in a position that we can afford to give up some luxury item for a week. If each person who came to worship in one week gave $5.00 we could fill an ark in a morning. I don’t expect this to happen, but I would be grateful if it did, as would the communities who would receive the ark.

Do what you can, graciously. Give what you feel moved to give, if you’d like you can find more options about giving generously or find inspiration for holy giving on our Facebook and Twitter pages through out Lent.

Thank you.

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