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December 2015

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my son and his family who live in Georgia. My son and his wife have a 4 year old son and a new daughter who was just three weeks when I visited. She like all newborns spends most of her day eating and sleeping. One of the many things I loved when raising my children and noticed as I spent time with my son and his family is the chaos that accompanies family life which can erupt spontaneously and without warning. The chaos of searching for shoes, toys, or car keys; the rush to meet appointments in a timely fashion; the chaos and squeals of laughter as children run and play; the noise and chaos as families excitedly and often loudly share news. These are wonderful memories of family and exactly what we experienced during our visit. And in the midst of the chaos, my granddaughter slept. Not only did she sleep, but her older brother who, exhausted after several hours of play, also fell asleep beside her. In the midst of chaos, both children were able to sleep. They were able to find peace and rest in the midst of noise, laughter, and commotion. They were secure and confident despite the chaos swirling about them that all was well and that their worlds were safe. I wondered if we as adults are able to do the same. Or do we allow the chaos of life to rob us of our joy and peace? What is it that keeps us secure in the midst of chaos?

Advent is frequently a time of chaos. We decorate, attempt to purchase the perfect gifts for loved ones, bake, cook, and prepare for family gatherings. But in the midst of the chaos, we find hope. We find our hope and security in the incarnate God who is our anchor in the midst of not only this holiday chaos, but all chaos. Hope is powerful. Placing our hope in Jesus is transformative when we allow ourselves to live by the promises of Christ. As we enter into this hectic holiday season may we each take time to reflect on the immeasurable love God has for humanity as seen by sending Jesus into the world to be born and to live among us. In the midst of the chaos in life, we have hope, Jesus our Lord. May we rest as children in the midst of chaos knowing that despite what storm comes our way, our hope is secured in Jesus our Lord.

-Canon Michelle

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