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October 2014

Cathedral Church of the Nativity
Living the Story as a:
Welcoming Haven
Caring Community
Nurturing space for children and youth
Congregation committed to serving

A dedicated and prayerful group of folk with many of your feedback remind us of our core values with this message we seek to share! The story of Christ is born in us here in this Cathedral and we live this story as faithfully as we can.

How excited I am this fall with the energy that is around us. Church school is bustling, music is vibrant, the sounds of voices caring for one another billow through the hallways. Those in need of our witness await as we move into the winter months and consider the challenging ministry of homelessness.

Consider our core values reflected in the statement above. As we enter this fall you will be hearing from the Stewardship committee of course as we ask one another to share our gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Hear my prayers of thanksgiving for you all as you share your gifts that make Christ’s incarnation real through your participation in our mission and ministry!

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