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Last year when I was pregnant with Audrey, lots of people asked me if I had a “Holy” Advent, a more Holy Advent than perhaps any other time. I struggled with how to answer that, I know people expected me to have some spiritual response, related to being pregnant in Advent. It must be wonderful to be waiting for a baby like Mary waited for her baby people would say, but honestly looking back at Advent 2013, it was more of a time of craziness, preparation, distraction, and exhaustion rather than of increased Holiness.

This year I am trying to be different, I am trying to be intentional about feeling my human body in this time of expectation. I might not be growing a child, I am actually watching Audrey grow up very rapidly before my eyes this year, but I am growing as a child of God. While the world is rushing around getting gifts, making cookies, decorating the house, cleaning and cooking and doing all the holiday celebrating I invite you to try to be intentional about your bodily experience as well.

Join The Rev. Mary Catherine Cole, head of pastoral care at St Luke’s Hospital and Marcella Kraybill Greggo, MAPC Clinical Director; Formative Spirituality Co-Director at Moravian Seminary and myself on an Advent Journey which engages the Mind, Body and Spirit. On Wednesday Evenings join us for a light supper, some meditation and activities which will reconnect us to our own incarnation as we reflection on the incarnation of Christ. Come to one or come to all of the evenings, invite your friends, this is such a busy time, you deserve some time for yourself at this most hectic time of year.

December 3, 10, and 17th from 6 pm to 8 pm in Sayre hall. All are welcome. On December 3, be sure to wear socks because we will be walking the Labyrinth. On December 10 you don’t need to bring anything special, we will be having a Guided Meditation. On December 17, if you have a yoga mat please bring it with you, otherwise bring a beach towel or other type of mat, for body prayer (you do not need to be especially flexible, we will only be using postures which are found in various liturgies of the Episcopal Church – no downward dog, or anything strenuous).  You can sign up here.

If you have any questions about this offering please contact me at or 610-865-0727. All are welcome.

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