The Room at the Inn Shelter

The Room at the Inn Shelter is one of the largest Ministry that the Cathedral supports. Every Thursday night in Winter, the Cathedral provides a safe, warm place for the homeless men of Bethlehem to sleep and break bread. Last year, the Cathedral sheltered more than 140 different men during the shelter season, with an average of over 40 men per night. This task is only made possible by the work of many volunteers from the Parish, who help in many ways, from preparing Sayre Hall for the guests, welcoming the guests, providing food, cleaning up after and sheltering overnight with them.

If you would like to help this winter, you may sign up at You will need to register if you have not done so before; if you have already registered, then the link to the Room at the Inn shelter is  If you have problems signing up, please contact either Deacon Rodney or James Reader (T. 610 – 417 – 7418, e-mail: and we will try to sign you up for the dates that you would like to serve. There will also be a physical sign up sheet in Sayre Hall.

We need volunteers for the following roles each night:

  • Intercessor – to say prayers and grace before the evening meal
  • Sign-In – to welcome and check in guests, register new guests and help out in the early evening
  • Bedding – to help prepare and hand out bedding to our guests as they arrive
  • Dinner – to help prepare and serve the evening meal
  • Overnight – to stay overnight with the guests and provide help as needed
  • Clean-Up – to help clean up Sayre Hall after the guests leave on Friday mornings
  • Laundry – to launder the blankets once per month

There is a Captain for each role who serves to coordinate all the volunteers for each activity. If you would like to learn more about how to help, please contact either Deacon Rodney, James Reader or any of the many veterans from last year’s shelter. All offers of help are gratefully appreciated and the Ministry provides a great opportunity to meet more of your fellow Parishioners and provide a valuable service to the local community.

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