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December 2014 (wow)

What do you want to hear from your Priest? I have been writing articles like this one now for almost 25 years. I have written poetry. I have told stories. I have quoted scripture. I have written of institutional challenges, I pray I have offered words of encouragement. Like sermons preached, some of these articles have connected with folk, and some not so much. Like when preaching, I myself connect with sermons that find their way out of my mouth, and sometimes not so much. Always I ask myself what do folk want to hear, maybe need to hear? This is prayer work now.

It is December! (I am actually writing in November). Hard to believe that by the time you read this we will be marching through Advent themes of anticipation toward our great festival day, the feast of the Incarnation. Our themes will be darkness and light, hope and wonder, preparation and expectation. Our Feast day will bring glorious décor, music to lift us, sacrament to feed us – God with us.

In the midst of the frenzy of signs and sounds that inundate you in the guise of “Holiday Cheer” designed to entice you to believing you can buy your way to holly, jolliness. (Did you notice Christmas décor in stores in late September and Christmas ads on All Hollows Eve?) I believe what you might want to hear is this simple truth. God is desperate for us! Desperately in love with us! Is coming again and again to live in us! Even to propose to us again. I am yours, you be mine.

This season is simply about preparing to fall in love again. Again and again. God is in love with us and this love carries God to amazing places, even sometimes chases us down. (I feel this way sometimes personally). If you come across a small child this season and they ask you what its all about. Just tell ’em it’s a love story that can be told as Crazy love. God is helplessly in love….with us! My that feels good.

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