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Worship Offerings & Schedule

Nativity Cathedral

God weaves love throughout the experiences we enjoy in this community of Faith and the diverse ways in which we worship.


8:00 AM Holy Eucharist - Cathedral
A quiet, peace-filled Eucharist celebration that soothes the soul
8:45 AM 321 Contact Worship - Sayre Hall
A service kind to families with young children and supported musically by gifted ensemble of guitars and our energetic piano playing Winston
9:30 AM Sunday School - Good Shepherd Chapel
Offers children pre-school through 5th grade friendship, community, and religious education using the Godly Play curriculum
9:30 AM Adult Forum - Sayre Hall & Virtual
Thoughtful reflection and discussions about meaningful spiritual topics
10:45 AM Holy Eucharist - Cathedral & Virtual
Our main Sunday service with Holy Eucharist and a full Cathedral Choir fills the heart and sometimes lifts the rafters. One can expect fine preaching and choral music that inspires. Service archive
12:30 PM Spanish Eucharist - Cathedral & Virtual
Enjoy this beautiful service celebrated in Spanish
Conoce más sobre nuestros Ministerios Latinos


9 AM Holy Eucharist & Healing - Good Shepherd Chapel
A quiet, peace-filled Eucharist celebration that offers hands on healing

Monday - Thursday

5:30 PM Oración Vespertina Diaria, Evening Prayer in Spanish – Virtual por Facebook Live


2nd Saturday of the Month
5:00 PM Celtic Eucharist - Cathedral
A Eucharist celebration in the Celtic spirit for renewal and peace

Last Saturday of the Month
5:00 PM Celtic Spirituality Night - Cathedral
Our Celtic Experiences bring peace, hope-filled reflection in the Celtic Spirit and promise to carry you to places of deeper reflection and restoration.

Learn more about our Celtic Services

Nativity Cathedral
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