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Cathedral Connections

Nativity Cathedral A great way to re-connect this Summer and beyond. Join in small groups with other like minded Cathedral folk for a time of connecting and enjoyment. Groups of 8-10 will meet virtually (and at some point may choose to meet in person). Choose the group(s) you wish to participate in by the interest you have!

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History of Nativity 101
4th Wednesday of the month 7:30pm to 8:30pm starting June 24th
Explore the history of our church, with Chip Montgomery. This will be a fully interactive dialogue, so bring your knowledge and questions to share.

Poetry Salon: Explore, Share, Inspire.
1st Tuesday of month 7pm to 8pm starting July 7th
Grab a beverage of your choice and join Melinda Rizzo for a drink and some spoken word poetry. Share your work, listen to others share their poems, or read a personal favorite of someone else’s and talk about what it means to you.

Life in the Garden
4th Monday of month 7pm to 8pm starting June 22nd
Life in the garden for those who love flowers and all the things they attract. Gather with Kit Hower to talk about all things of the garden.

Music Jam
3rd Wednesday of month 5:30pm starting June 17th
Come share your love of music with fellow parishioners hosted by Alan Mendez. Whether it's your favorite song, a musical artist that made an impact in your life, or an original song you are writing, come sit around the digital campfire, swap stories, and let the virtual records play.

Pub Talk (Men Only)
3rd Thursday of the month 7pm to 8pm starting June 18th
Hosted by John Marcantonio - Gather with other men to talk about things men talk about.

Wine Connections
2nd Tuesday of the month 6pm to 7pm starting July 14th
Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and join host Don Appleton for a chance for virtual (Zoom) conversation about wine and other topics of general interest to the group such as family, Nativity, travel, interesting books, etc.

What's Cooking?
3rd Tuesday of the month 7pm to 8pm starting June 16th
Join Olivia and Joe Tremontana to talk about cooking, recipes, and anything else in the kitchen.

Exploring the world by foot
1st Monday of the month 7pm to 8pm starting July 6th
Join Meg Seltzer to talk about all things walking, running, hiking and exploring the world.

Brown bag lunch and conversation
4th Thursday of month 12:30pm to 1:30pm starting June 25th
Grab some lunch and join Karen Kitabwalla to chat about anything and everything.

Praying Together
4th Wednesday of month 10:00 am to 11:00 am starting June 24th
Join Laura Drum and others in prayers for those on our parish sick list, and for any persons or concerns that you may wish to share. Jesus told his disciples to “pray always, and do not lose heart”. (Luke 18:1)

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Adult Formation

Conversations on Race to Call forth Solidarity
Thursday evenings, June 11 through July 30, from 7pm to 8:45pm

With a goal of opening our hearts and minds to discussion and discernment about how we can actively stand in solidarity together against racism, bigotry, and inequality, Canon Grandfield is facilitating an eight-week course "Nativity Cathedral, For Such a Time as This."

The COVID-19 Pandemic has only highlighted long-standing inequalities. This is a time for us to join together in raising awareness, in listening to the truth, expertise, and stories of People of Color, to equip and enlighten ourselves through study, and through non-judgmental conversation, to empower ourselves to be changed ourselves and agents of change in our world.

This work together is intentionally intended to be discomforting, with hopes that in our discomfort we will really feel empathy which leads us to be resolved, and engaged anew, and fierce in our commitment to working to dismantle systemic racism.

Thursday evenings, June 11 through July 30, from 7pm to 8:45pm, we will gather virtually. In order to facilitate a coherent dialogue in safe space, participants are expected to commit to all (most) of the sessions. A set of short readings will be part of the expected preparation for the course sessions. Our topics will be:
1. Myths of Anglo-Saxon and White Superiority
2. The Racial Contract and Implicit Bias
3. Whiteness, White Space, and White Fragility
4. Black Personhood, and the Black Body
5. Anglicanism as Historical Global Broker of Whiteness and Blackness
6. Being Black in the Lehigh Valley and the "Dregs" down from Nativity
7. COVID-19: Hotspots, Comorbidities, and Inequities
8. Dreaming of God's Equitable Reign

Sessions will include a brief interview; a time of learning; and a time for facilitated, open discussion.
Canon Grandfield will conduct and present interviews with important leaders in this conversation such as Esther Lee, President of the Bethlehem NAACP; Dr. Sirry Alang, Professor of Sociology at Lehigh University; Bishop James Tengatenga, retired bishop of Southern Malawi, once chair of the Anglican Consultative Council, and current Professor of Global Anglicanism at The University of the South; and the Rev. Emily Ann Garcia Livingston, Pastor of St. John UCC in Allentown, among others.

Questions? Canon Grandfield - 484-892-7659 or email

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