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Nativity Youth Camp

Campfire Why We Do This?
The Cathedral Church of the Nativity has had some form of Camp ministry for over 100 years. It began as a choir camp and has been transformed many times in the past century. We do it because it’s a great tradition.

We love our Children and Youth
We believe that our children and youth are our most treasured members of the community. We want to provide them with a safe and fun place to explore their faith and form friendships that will last a lifetime. It is one of our most intentional and successful ministries at the Cathedral Church of the Nativity and we hope to maintain it for another 100 years.

Who Can Go
All members of the Cathedral community over the age of 8 (having completed 2nd grade) are invited to attend camp as either a camper, counselor or adult staffer.

Nativity Youth Camp : 2020 CAMP UPDATE
Nativity Youth Camp 2020 Update

Where do we stay?
In the wonder of God's beautiful creation we play games, make crafts, learn about our faith, and grow as a community of believers. We stay at serene Camp Choconut in Friendsville, PA. Cabins are single gender and assigned by the camp director. There are youth counselors in each cabin and adult staff stay in nearby cabins.

The expense of camp, approximately $300.00 per camper (which includes room, board and program for the week), is paid for out of the Cathedral's budget and fundraising.

NYC is a church camp and one of the central aspects of our time together is worship. We have time for prayer and religious education daily. We celebrate Morning Prayer & Eucharist together throughout the week.

What Do We Do?

Camp Choconut has a lake, which we use daily (weather permitting). The water is refreshing after an afternoon of running around in the summer weather!

Olympic Games
Campers participate in team games designed for all ages and abilities as a little silly fun on a daily basis.

Tournament Games
Kickball and handball are the two games included in the competition to win the coveted Broken Bat award. Every camper gets a chance to participate, and show their athletic ability.

Each night a group puts on a campfire. This means skits, songs, and other entertainment before bed, which often is creative and always is amusing.

On Church Camp Sunday, the campers and staff become the choir and perform the hymns as well as offertory anthem, which relates to the theme of the week. During camp, these songs are practiced.

Free Time
Campers get the opportunity to participate in their choice of activities during free time. These include bird watching, hiking, napping in your cabin, or arts and crafts.

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